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*** Please note that the Governing Documents and Rules & Regulations for Section 2 are not the same as those for Sections 1A and 1B.

Governing Documents

  • Condominium Declaration
      • A Condominium Declaration is a fundamental document, similar to a constitution for the project, that establishes the existence of and further governs the use and maintenance of a condominium property. It is regulated by the Condominium Act and it includes legal descriptions of the condominium and of each individual unit, the nature and scope of the project. It basically describes the responsibilities of the owner and association plus the physical nature of the property. It contains several provisions regarding the use of the condominium units and common areas. It provides information regarding each unit’s boundaries as well as its share of common expenses, which common elements are “exclusive use,” such as a patio, balcony, or carport space.
  • By-Laws
      • The By-Laws is a document that sets forth the rules and laws established by an Association under the State of Texas to regulate itself. It establishes the structure and election of the Board of Directors, legal responsibilities and election details. It is a separate document that is an attachment to the Condominium Declaration.
  • Sixth Amended Rules and Regulations Concerning Use and Occupancy
      • The Rules and Regulations of the Association have been amended six times since the inception of Association and currently consist of 28 separate provisions. Many of the provisions include lengthy subparagraphs covering numerous subjects including parking, pets, leasing of units, Common Element use, and fines to owners for violations. The Rules and Regulations may be amended by the Board of Directors as needed. The Rules and Regulations, as amended and filed with the County Clerk, are an attachment to the Condominium Declaration. This document should be reviewed by every owner or potential owner on an annual basis.
  • Homeowners Information and Procedures Guide 2021
      • Contains the Following Information: Management Company Info (Phone Number & Email), Homeowner Details, Emergency Phone Numbers, Alterations and Renovations, Assessment Fees, Barbeque Grills, Board Meeting, Cable Television, Condominium Documents, Feeding Animals, Fines, Garbage, Generators, Insurance, Keys, Maintenance and Landscaping Work Order Requests, Package Delivery, Parking, Pest Control, Pets, Plant Watering, Pool & Hot Tub, Sales and Displays, Courtesy Officer (Guardhouse Phone Number), Water Hoses, Water Leaks, Window Maintenance and Replacement, Owner System Responsibilities, Owner Responsibility for Leasing Units, Noise Disturbance, and Sixth Amended Rules.
  • Plat Map
      • A drawing of the Hudson Oaks property layout including locations of buildings, streets and units.
  • Owner vs Association Responsibilities Memorandum
      • A memorandum that describes in detail the responsibilities of the individual owner based on the Condominium Declaration and Rules & Regulations. The memorandum details the responsibilities by building component or system. This document has been vetted by the Association’s attorney.
  • Owner vs Association Responsibility Matrix
      • A simple document that summarizes the information contained in the Owner Responsibility Memo plus other miscellaneous items. The summary divides various building components in either an owner or association responsibilities.


  • The following contractors are not endorsed by the Association, Board, or Management Company, but have been used in the past by Hudson Oaks owners.
  • AC and Heating
    Fondren Air Conditioning & Heating
    12322 Ashcroft Dr., Houston, TX 77035
  • General Contracting (renovations, floors, sheetrock, etc.)
    Mike Huff
    [email protected]

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PresidentPam Milburn2024
Vice-President 1Matthew Franchek2025
SecretaryVirginia Moherek2024
Vice-President 2Daniel Clooney2026
TreasurerCharles Dominey2025

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